Wednesday, October 2, 2013

summer 2013

the highlights of summer of 2013:

marriage: see previous posts

ragnar wasatch back: see previous post

road trip to california: hayden and i rented a car and drove down to irvine for the weekend. we love visiting our family out there.

running: this was the summer of running for both me and hayden. hayden is kenyan in a white man's body. he is so good at it and loves it. when we first started dating, i could barely run around the block. he somehow convinced me to start training for a half marathon and after 15 weeks i finished my first halfer! we both ran the nebo race (he did the full, i'm telling you! a kenyan!). i won an entry to big cottonwood the week after and finished both races under my goal time. wahoo.

big news! i'm signing up for the ogden marathon in may! WHO AM I?!?!?!? i figured it would help me stay in shape during the winter and not develop a thick coat of fat to hibernate in. (uh?)

elder bao x. ha: my brother left on his mission on september 4th and is now out in the field. it's crazy to think that he is visiting my parents' home before either of them do. i got to talk to him for a while and his vietnamese is waaaaaaaaaay better than it was before. i think i need to get rosetta stone to fend for myself when he gets home. i love that brother of mine and miss him daily.

Monday, June 24, 2013

wasatch back

cousins. cindy is amazing!
chewbacca and i have the same hair + we were both running ragnar.
first leg done.

5:00 am breakfast.
2nd leg done.

rightfully scared for my last leg.
endorphin junkies 2013.

look at my pretty, big medal.

wasatch back. (yeah, i bought a sweatshirt)

aww...tender moments.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

awkward encounter

hayden was just sitting and talking to his family on a patch of grass on the side of my aunt's house. i came out and sat down next to him. this is what happened next:

me: hayden, there are some ladies staring us down hard. (some ladies across the street were mad dogging us)

hayden: continues talking with his family...

ladies across the street: HEY!!! HEY YOU!!! ACROSS THE STREET!!!! HOW OLD ARE YOU??!?!?!

me: (my aunt lives in a senior community and i thought that the ladies thought that i lived in the community. illegally.) oh, it's okay! i don't live here, i'm just visiting my aunt.

l.a.t.s.: NO! HOW OLD ARE YOU?!?!

me: i'm 22.

l.a.t.s.: oh...YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'RE 12! we thought you just sat down next to that stranger and we were about to call the police. we were going to come over with a bat!!!!

me: (ferociously giggling) i'm 22 and this is my husband!!!

l.a.t.s.: thank the good lord. you never know...there are some weirdos out there.

end scene.

mind you, this dialogue was all being shouted from across the street.


thanks, val! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

the engagement pictures

hi! i'm back from all of the wedding frenzy and you can now call me mrs. weaver. weird. here's a few of our favorite engagement pictures that we took waaaaay back in october. we had the best photographer ever! she shot all our formals and wedding pictures so be on the look out for those. i can't wait to share our special day on here.

post-script: how handsome is that guy?

all pictures were done by  val. highly recommend her.